The Pirates See A Ship

The captain and a pirate are standing on the poop deck of a pirate ship, scouring the ocean for a ship to board. All of the sudden, the pirate excitedly says “Captain! Captain! Look, there’s a ship out there!” The captain shouts “Great, we’ve been looking for one we could pillage and rob for weeks. Have the crew get ready and get me my red shirt!” Thea pirate asks “Why the red shirt captain?” The captain replies “If they shoot or stab me, the crew won’t see the blood and they’ll keep fighting.” The pirate replies “That’s brilliant captain. (PAUSE) Uh-Oh, it’s not a passenger ship captain. It’s a British Man of War and it’s heading right for us!” The captain shouts “Get me my brown pants!”

pirate.jpgEDITORS NOTE: I love this joke because of the audience’s reaction after the punch line. Some laugh immediately, some take few moments to get it and a few never do.

I like to present it as a skit. For example, roll up a piece of paper to resemble a spy glass. Use your regular or a high pitched voice for the pirate and a deep voice for the captain. Don‘t overdo it, because it could detract from the punch line.


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