I am building a link that will enable you to make water slide decals to decorate your equipment that will rival that of Okito. Dr. Robert Albo, who was the world’s foremost authority on Okito’s, said our decals were as fine as those made Okito.

Our process is simple. All you need is a color printer, your computer and a special decal paper. Our process is inexpensive and easy to use. Several magicians have tested our system, and sent me pictures or copies of their finished work with our decals applied. They said it was easy to use and were pleased with the results.

We plan to post details on application and sources of necessary supplies. Every month, we plan to post a zipped folder of printable decal images. Our images use a DPI that will enable you print a clear sharp eight by ten and one half decal. You want it larger? We’ll tell you that too. 

Have questions or comments? Email me at cbronstrup2@aol

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