The Twin Needled Balloon Mystery


INTRODUCTION: Many performers perform the needle through the balloon. However, this effect will make your presentation something special and set you apart from other magicians performing this effect. I have had members of the audience come up to me after my show and remark that they have seen other performers do the needle through the balloon trick. However, they told me that they had never seen it performed in this manner and that they were both impressed and baffled by my presentation.


balloonEFFECT: The performer magically causes a needle to penetrate a first balloon without harming it, while breaking a second balloon inside the first.

PREPARATION: Using a pencil, insert it in a brightly colored regular balloon. I like to use red as it shows off the inside balloon best. Taking the pencil with the balloon on it, insert it into the balloon provided for the needle through the balloon effect. I prepare the needle in the way indicated in the needle through the balloon directions. Throw away the rough gold string that comes with the needle. It tends to enlarge the hole in the balloon and break it prematurely. Instead, obtain a piece of red yarn about three feet long and thread it into the needle. You should not have this problem with the yarn. Carefully open a two inch bandage packet, remove the bandage and unfold it. Generously apply a coat of Vaseline to the inside of the bandage. Fold the bandage and return it to the package and reseal it closed.

It’s a good idea to prepare two or three balloons for this effect. Sometimes one will break during your performance.

PRESENTATION: Display a clear balloon that has a second brightly colored balloon inside. Blow up the inside bloom and tie it closed. Next blow up the outside balloon and tie it closed. Do not blow the inside balloon up to its fullest capacity. This is necessary because when you break it adds its air the outside balloon, causing it to jump in your hand. Produce the large sail needle with a piece of red yarn threaded in it. Open the sterile packet and remove the bandage. Generously coat the needle with Vaseline.

Holding the outside balloon very tightly in one hand to prevent movement, with the other hand penetrate the outside balloon with the needle and break the inside balloon. Pull the needle completely through the outside balloon without damaging it, while leaving part of the yarn still in the balloon. Dangling the balloon on the yarn, explain that this is impossible, because this it is an illusion. Toss the balloon in the air and break it.

Practice this effect several times to get the feel of holding the outer balloon tightly to prevent the needle from breaking it. If you break the outer balloon, smile, take another prepared balloon from your pocket and say “This is first time that’s happened (pause) AGAIN”.

CURTAIN CALL: Many thanks to Bob “The Wiz” Rees for helping me with this wonderful effect.

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