Magic, Sports Memorabilia and more coming soon!!!

This Web Site is dedicated to being a magical fun place to visit. While attempting to make this site pleasing to the eye, we have tried to keep your download time to a minimum (no frames, complicated pages, etc.). However, some of the color photos do take a little time to load. The magic effects included have been designed using the KISS method (keep it simple stupid) and require no complicated moves. You’ll find a few surprises along the way. So enjoy yourself and, hopefully, have a few laughs while visiting Marshall’s Magical Web Site.

I thought a long time about placing some of my magical secrets on the World Wide Web. Some of my fellow magicians might be opposed to doing it, stating that it could reveal magical secrets to the public. I have tried to keep the general public from finding this site by not placing any indicators on it that would turn it up using a web search engine. The only way you can locate our address in through our advertisements in magic magazines (bi-monthly in The Linking Ring, Magic Magazine and Genii) or by my invitation.

But my final reply to their argument still remains the same — name a magic dealer who quizzes a guy with cash in his hand as to whether or not he is a “magician” before he sells him a trick. If this doesn’t satisfy my critics, I guess I’ll have to start wearing a zebra stripped mask. I understand the other guy doesn’t need it anymore.

This web site is dedicated to my wife Rita, who puts up with an old man who likes to play with toys. Special thanks to CJ Bronstrup, who helps make our web site possible. I need your feedback and really would appreciate your comments and contributions. Write to me at H. Marshall and Company, Inc., 1186 Shenk Road, Mogadore, Ohio 44260, call us at 1-330-628-9994 or E-Mail me at hmcflowers@aol.com

I plan to update this Web Site periodically, so check from time to time for new stuff. And thanks for visiting Marshall’s Magical Web Site.
Magically Yours, Doctor B